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Flax Protein Powders

Highest flax protein content available in a unique, smooth powder

FlaxSol is a smooth, cold water dispersible flax protein powder that is manufactured exclusively in our Canadian production facility through a unique solvent-free process of water extraction and spray drying. In the manufacture of FlaxSol, flaxseed protein is isolated from the gummy, mucilaginous compounds resulting in a powder suitable for many food applications.

FlaxSol Benefits

FlaxSol Benefits


Made in Canada from sustainably grown crops. 100% plant-based/vegan from an all-natural protein source.


Highest protein concentration available on the market today. Contains all nine essential amino acid and is a rich source of glutamic acid/glutamine, arginine and branched-chain amino acids (valine and leucine).


Contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids needed for health. Also a good source of minerals including phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.


Free from all 14 major allergens including gluten and lactose.


Delicious light nutty taste and smooth texture. Clean label, whole food product. Solvent-free, chemical-free, minimally processed and non-GMO. Organic options available. 18 month shelf life.

FlaxSol Varieties



  • 65% +/- 5% protein
  • >99% smaller than 150 µm
  • Pale yellow colour
  • Mild bland flavour
  • Water and fat binding
  • 18 month shelf life
  • Organic available

FlaxSol Applications

Cold water dispersible, FlaxSol is a popular ingredient for beverage applications, sports nutrition and meal replacements. It is particularly suitable for nutritional enhancement of plant-based baked goods including bread, muffins, cookies and crackers. With good oil and water absorption capacity, FlaxSol can also be added to plant-based burger patties and other meat alternatives.

FlaxSol Certifications and Standards

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Why GFR Ingredients?


With an unparalleled depth of operational knowledge and experience, we manufacture innovative and affordable plant-based ingredients with superior nutritional and clean-label properties. We strategically align with our customers to develop efficient production processes to minimize the overall product’s cost.


Our HACCP-certified manufacturing facility maintains quality assurance and control measures that guide every production process and all we do. The Quality Department works closely with our customers and suppliers to set the highest achievable standards for raw materials and finished products, and ensure these are met every time.


Because of the size and scope of our facility, we are in a unique position to design and develop novel plant-based ingredients for the food industry. We offer flexibility in our operations to provide pilot scale through to full scale production runs, satisfying every customer’s needs.